Miggy's Back on Track, and All's Well

Cabrera seems to have smashed his slump (if he was ever in one) the Tigers are getting pitching galore and life is good in the middle of the pennant race, if you can call it that in early May.

Those on the DL should be coming back before long and we'll be even better, healthier, and hopefully break off a nice long winning streak.
Is this really the team that came in last in '08. I guess not.

But Ordonez continues in a funk, as Leyland moved him down in the lineup. Anybody else concerned? (I know, Tom, "Don't worry, it will get worse."

(Bengals in Dallas Aug. 27-29. Anybody want me to buy tickets for them? That includes an offer for free B&B at Casa de Shields and a ride to the ballpark.)


  1. Cheer up, Gregg, it gets worse. Nice to see Porcello pick up the W last nite. I'm glad, in a way, he didn't jump off to, say, a 4-0 start and get overconfident.

  2. I hate to say it but I think the Tigers are better off without Maggs and Guillen. They are both double play candiates and big time rally killers. At this stage of his career maggs is a horrible right fielder. Poor Granderson has to play all three outfield positions when Maggs and Guillen are in the outfield. I like Josh Anderson in left and Clete Thomas in right. We got some talent coming in the minor leagues in the outfield. Maybe it's might be time to part ways with these two guys. Pitching and defense and timely hitting win games in the big leagues and the tigers aren't getting any of these out of Maggs and Guillen. I know Clete and Anderson aren't as good of hitters as maggs and Guillen but they bring more speed and energy to the lineup and they balance everything out more and make the tigers the kind of team I for one love watching. But what do I know? I will prolly get bashed for all the maggs hating but that is just the way I feel.

  3. I agree, Miggy. Guillen especially hurts us in the OF. Maybe Ordonez should DH. If I were Dombrowski I'd trade either or both if I got a reasonable offer.

  4. Are we shifting from the lusty thousand RBI team discussed last year, to a small-ball, Oakland A's type model?
    Or something between, where you get good pitching, supported by the occasional punch from Granderson, Inge and Cabrera?

  5. They are coming on pretty strong. Their real problem starts this week if Dontrelle comes back and does anything and Bonderman is not far behind. I like one or two lefties in the rotation, although if they got rid of Robertson it would not bother me. He just doesn't have that lefty thing that you need.

    I like the kids playing the outfield a lot. This will eventually mean that Guillen or Ordonez have to go. The tow of them is powerful DH force but that is a lot of money for a DH.

    Porcello and Perry are the real deal as Zumaya and Verlander were in 2006.

    Remember the name Casey Crosby. He is a 19 year old lefthander that is coming back from Tommy John surgery and he throws the lights out.

    The new catcher before the year is out will be Alex Avila. He will be called up at some point this year and will become the starting catcher no later than 2011. He will play a lot next year. He is a left handed stick with a lot of pop. His Dad is the Asst. GM, so he has good bloodlines.

    Thats all for now from Northern Virginia. One man's opinion.

  6. And Al Avila's neice Amanda is an intern this year for the Lakeladn Flying Tigers.

    I agree about the RP Brothers (Rick Porcello and Ryan Perry). I'd hate to see either one sent down to the minors.