Dontrelle: Awesome

Well, guess I'm on the hook. The Tigers will sweep this series. Dontrelle was simply awesome, and we can all sleep well tonight.

Even that bug-eyed Josh what-his face who comments for the Rangers couldn't bother me tonight. World Series here we come.

Say, somebody update me: what happened to Mags? DL?


  1. Mags is on the bereavement list. The Tigers never explained it, but MLB stated thatis wife is having surgery and he wanted tobe with her - good choice.

    Game last night was awesome. Is Dontrelle back for real? Sure looked relaxed - was not as animated as "The Bird", but certaily more animated than most. Bonderman is next.

  2. So if Bondo returns does he join the rotation w/ Verlander, Jackson, Porcello and Willis? If so what happens to Galarraga?

    But yeah 'twas great to see Dontrelle win his first game for Detroit. And I see Jurjens (4-2) won again for the Braves. Sure wish we hadn't swapped him for Renteria.

  3. No such problem as too much good quality pitching. I'd say give Gallarage another start, but be ready with the hook.
    If he has trouble, send him to Toledo for temporary DL, saying he "has some tightness in his shoulder he needs to work out."
    Get him a few starts down there, and then assess the situation in Detroit.
    Funny you should mention The Bird, Chuck. So did the broadcasters in Dallas.

  4. One further note on Josh Hamilton. I said he was coming to Detroit healthy. Well, not quite. He just got back from a nagging rib cage injury, then Sunday he did an amazing catch, crashing into the wall. The Ballpark in Arlinton has plastic padding, but he was running at about 30 miles an hour, and didn't feel up to playing last night. He's day to day, which is good for Tiger fans, but bad if you are just a fan of baseball. He is truly great. He battled drugs, and is winning, wears Christ on his sleeve (figuratively, although Josh's face is all over town in a billboard campain saying "I Am Second" can hit for power (did you see him in the homrerun derby at last years' All Star Game?)and look up that crash/catch from Sunday. If I had more time, I would post it for you.

  5. Tigers won this afternoon, thus sweeping the Rangers and making Gregg a prophet.

  6. Yep, me and Kahlil Gilbran. But he didn't know nothing about baseball, and rumor had it he couldn't hit a pecker high fast-ball right down the middle.