When the Stars Hang Out, the Flag is in Bag

Ever notice when certain teams and players attract the attention of celebrities, they seem to gravitate toward the championship?

When MC Hammer visited Comerica and Curtis Granderson this week, it was another sure sign we're going to the series, if not all the way.

This is taken from a MLB blog, "Big League Stew" which is not always regarding the Tigers, but I'll try to post the link to the lower right.


  1. MC Hammer?! Is he still a star? Can't the Tigers find someone better? Somehow I don't share your optimism, Gregg. (BTW, Hammer is a former Oakland A's batboy who got his nickname because players thought he looked like Hammerin' Hank Aaron.)

  2. You got it all right. (See the blog link.) He claims he was a big fan of Horton's when he played in Oakland.

    My optimism/pessimissim are sort of mercurial. So rather than be down all the time, (remember, I initially predicted a season below .500) I choose to ride the highs, and suffer the lows.