Here come the Rangers, and their guns are loaded

Coming into town with Josh Hamilton relatively healthy, and a six-game winning streak.

The good news (from my perspective) is:

  • All three games in Detroit will be telecast in Dallas

  • The Rangers aren't really all that good. They've been playing West Coast weak sisters like Seattle and LA. They don't know from "hardball." Even last year, they didn't win a single game at Comerica.

  • The Tigers swept these guys earlier this year.

My advice to the Bengals is that the key to scoring against the Rangers is like political success in Chicago. "Vote early, vote often." The Ranger bullpen, not their strength, lacks their closer, Frankie Francisco. If we get to the starting pitcher early in tonight's game, we could be in for buckets of runs for the rest of the series any time we push the starter around.

My prediction: Tigers take two of three. If Dontrelle gives us a good outing tonight, it's a sweep.

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