Our own "Burger King" and Willie on Opening Day

Willie Horton (on the left, in case you needed help) says Hi to ATC blogger, Cardinal Mooney Latin School Graduate and Burger King proprietor Chuck Piotrowski on Opening Day, 2009.

That picture of MC Hammer just got to ya, didn't it Chuck?

BTW, Chuck can also lay claim to being the best bartender from his days at the East side establishment, O'Grady's. It was such a nice, cozy bar, I would take my wife there for a burger and onion rings, and Chuck kept the cold ones coming. (But I don't recall any freebies!)


  1. Those were the best Onion Rings ever! I worked there from 1975-79. Doesn't seem possible. That was a fun job - still have many friends from that era. Ben Oglivie lived in the area and came in to the bar intoxicated and carved his intials in the bar. The current and longtime trainer of the Pistons - MIke Abdenour - came in to O'Grady's almost daily for their club sandwhich.

  2. I don't recall anything as "Healthy" as a club sandwich. Just those onion rings, burgers to die for, damn good french fries.
    Didn't you have deep fried mushrooms and pickles, or is that my imagination?
    Hey Kooch, maybe this is a future quiz:

    "What was your favorite O'Grady's food?" Other nominations?

  3. They served food there? I may remember the first few beers of the night, but after that....

  4. I remember a story about Oglivie: Supposedly when he stayed in hotels he never turned off the water in the shower when he was done. Left it for room service. One time it ended up flooding the bathroom and sending the floor and toilet crashing into the room below.

    Trading him to the Brew Crew for Jim Slaton (who hurled for us for one season and then resigned w/ Milwaukee as a free agent) was one of Jim Campbell's lesser moves.

  5. Yes they served food there Kooch. Do you remember going to O'Grady's afetr Mike Kunnath's wedding? LOL Gregg - no pickles, but the deep fried mushrooms were awesome. We also served a mean Irish Coffee. I loved tending bar, even .............. better leave that out.