Another day: another win. This is getting boring.


Although I do think Leyland took a little nap there in the seventh and eighth, and let Jackson stay too long at the dance. He pitched a good game, and deserved a win.
Funny what announcers go through in a tight pitching battle like today. The Rangers' announcers Tom Grieve (previously a utility Ranger) and Bug-Eyed Josh were even more irritating than ever:
  • repeatedly discussing the finer points of last night's triple play. "It all happened so fast," said Josh, quoting the snail who was hit by the speeding turtle. (Seriously. That was his "favorite joke."
  • an obviously pre-rehearsed story about the only time mild-mannered Grieve was ejected from a professional game. (For "cursing.") You knew it was pre-rehearsed, when Grieve produced the letter from the commissioner and president of the NY-Penn League fining him $5.
  • Milt Wilcox's new "Ultimate Air Dog" business venture
  • Could shortstop Ian Kinsler have made that an unassisted triple play? "It all happened so fast."


  1. I have to vehementally disagree witht he commisioner Shields. W win is a win is a win. It is never boring. I was at last night's game. Porcello was great as was Ryan Perry. Zumaya comes in with a 3 run lead in the 9th and gives up a 2 run homer. Got the third out with a runner on third. This is thrilling! Not only do we lead our division, but we also have the fifth best record in the Majjors.

  2. I relish a rhubarb! (Or do I love rhubarb relish? Not sure.)

    I wasn't saying a pitcher's duel or a close game is boring. I'm loving every second of these games, and I regret that I couldn't be at the game with you last night, Chuck.

    What's hilarious, and sometimes tedious, is listening to two incompetent broadcasters try to comment on the game. Skillfull ones know there are times to be quiet, times to note the pitch selection, or look down the lineup. Bad announcers repeat lame stories, like the ones I mentioned, talk about their golf game that afternoon, or repeat the pitch count every 5 pitches. Now that's boring.
    At one point in the game the other day, Grieve raved about Willie Horton's diet, "looks great! He was gettin' up there, but he's got a handle on it now!" Every time they broadcast from Detroit (and I mean without fail) they get a shot of Willie up in his box, and repeat the story about how he went into the neighborhoods during the '67 riots. It's a great story for Texas fans to hear, but once a season is plenty.