What should A-Rod's punishment be?

Ok guys -- let's be the judge and jury for A-Rod. He took steroids at least from 2001-2003, but now there is new evidence of stuff that has happened as recently as 2007. #1 he is guilty #2 he lied #3 he is only interested in coveriung his butt. So what shouild he be penalized. One of the sports jocks here in Detroit today went so far as to say he should be suspended for an enitre year - even compared him to Michael Vick. I know this he sure is one big disappontment and I hope he never gets in the Hall. What say ye ----------


  1. I think A-Roid should have to give back his salary from 2001-2003. The only way to really make a statement is to hit these guys in the pcoket book.

  2. My solution is simple. Let him play, but ban him from the record books.