Home of the Braves

This weekend I camped at Disney's Fort Wilderness campground with my family and a group from church. Having time on my hands Saturday morning, I drove over to Wide World of Sports to investigate the Braves' spring training complex. To my surprise I discovered the Braves and/or Disney have the unmitigated audacity to charge $12.75 admission -- just to watch spring training workouts! Of course I refused to pay. I walked over to a different entrance and asked the gatekeeper if I could go to the All Star Cafe. Sure, he said. So halfway there I detoured into Champion Stadium (above). Once inside, I saw only one security guard (on the field) and I roamed freely throughtou the stadium and around the back fields. You can see the results at http://picasaweb.google.com/Thomas.hagerty/SpringTraining2009#

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