What are the oldest stadiums

Rangers visited Boston this week, soon to celebrate it's centennial. Of course, we all know Wrigley is the second oldest. What are the next three oldest stadiums where MLB is played?
(No cheating by looking it up on the internet. Just guess.)
I'll post the answer in a few days.


  1. OK, I'll play. Dodger Stadium has to be up there, since it opened the year I was born... 1962 (yikes!). The Angels' ballpark has been around for awhile too. After that ... hmmm .... Seems like every park that comes to mind has been built in the last 15-20 years.

  2. I got Chavez Ravine (Dodgers Stadium.) Bill (in a personal e-mail) got both Dodgers Stadium and Angles' Stadium. Who will get the stumper?

  3. Just guessing here I am wondering about the home of the Oakland A's. I can't even think of the name of the place, but it seems like it has been around for a while. Since the time of Charlie Finley.

  4. Bud-a-BING!!! We have a winner. You guys are tough to stump. Now I know why I didn't get it: I haven't been to any of the three, and Oakland is one place I don't think I've ever been to.
    Some author said "There's no 'there' there." Who was that? Gee, think that's another trivia contest, a literary one.