Our First Place Detroit Tigers and weird facts

None of our three starters have yet to win a game.
Duane Below wasn't a part of the team at the start of the season, has 2 wins
Prince got his 1,000 m,ajor league hit today.
Avilla got his first walk off home run.
Jim Leyland needed an extra pack of marlboros toget him through today's game.
Brandon Inge anxious for his first start at 2nd.
Gotta love those Tigers!!


  1. Great game today and there will be more like it. Tigers will set a team record for runs this year. As crazy as this is, they will be even better next year when Martinez comes back. They might have to find a new leftfielder since Delmon Young is a free agent and I don't think that they will sign him long term.

    Enough with the Inge talk. It is time for him to go, retire, quit, or something, just stop taking up a roster spot. He should follow the example of a couple of his teammates, that were much better ballplayers, Maggs and Carlos, and just hang them up quietly. They were GREAT ballplayers for the Tigers and are truly missed. Inge needs to grab some bench and join Craig Monroe on the post game show.

  2. I agree on Inge. Adios, Brandon. As far as Maggs and Carlos, they did not voluntarily retire. The Tigers did not bring them back, and no other club wanted them.