At least we aren't Royals fans

"How was the game, honey?" "Oh, you know. Kinda quiet." "Dear, are you having an affair on me?" "Who, me? No, honest. I went to the ball game alone. In fact look at this! I have proof!" pause... "You mean you paid $240 for a ticket to the game, $15 for parking, $10 for a beer, to read a book?!!!" Believe me, fellas, I been married 36 years. There's no winning this argument.


  1. (Posted on behalf of our pal, Jim Domzal)

    Well, at least with this picture we now know the meaning of your last email. Just look at this slob. Why even go? Reminds me of a time I sat in Wrigley, early in my life in the windy city. had my 3 sons with me. watching the game from 3rd base side. Great seats. A bit cool, but, not bad. No rain. So the game is about the 5th inning, score was tied, these ‘fans’ behind us say to one another, ‘hey man, do you want to go to the bar to watch the game?’ the other low life comes back with, ‘yeah, this is boring’. I about fell out of my chair. This my friend, defines a cub fan. and the appeal of wrigleyville over the actual event at Wrigley. Incredible. Here they are at the game, but need to go to a bar to watch the game. as harry would have said, ‘holy cow. Lemme’ hear ya. Ah one, ah two, …Take me out…… ‘

  2. Gregg, let's be fair. Not all Cub fans behave that way. I went to several games at Wrigley when I lived in Illinois and saw many true fans.

  3. I think Jim's point is fair, and true. It's only one instance, but we've all seen it or been there. How many great games do you see scads of empty, expensive seats? Sure they're probably corporate boxes that nobody showed up for. Maybe the boss couldn't find anybody who was interested, or he was just too busy. It happens, and often some people (like Jim's seatmates) show up, and wonder "Why am I here?"
    I don't think Jim's point is that ALL Cubs fans are like that, just some are, and you can probably find that at every ball park. Some people have too much money and time (or access to tickets.) just unfortunate.