Tough loss today

Verlander had a one-hitter through 8 and then the bottom fell out. After 8 we were leading 2-0 and lost 4-2.
It was great to be at the Park, despite the cccold weather.
Here is my question -- when Verlander showed signs of weakness in the 9th did Leyland stay with him too long?
Should he have even started the 9th?
What's up with Schlereth?
and Valverde?
Nothing to panic over - it is a long season


  1. Considering JV's low pitch count (under 90), I think Leyland did the right thing letting him start the 9th. I think, however, Leyland should have yanked him as soon as he put a runner on base. That would keep JV from getting the loss and let the pen do its job.

  2. Hindsight is always 20-20, isn't it? But I agree with you Tom. Being the competitor he is, I'm sure JV would have argued to stay in, but you have to protect him, the game, etc. As it is he feels awful, blaming himself. I blame the Tigers' much vaunted hitting just as much. We should have won this game 6-4, but as Chuck points out, it just one game. Se la guerre.