Tigers are 5-1 with no wins by a starter

What a wacky start ..
nice to be in first place.
still 156 games to go.
Let's start a pool -- who will be the first satrter to gain a victory??


  1. Don’t know who, hopefully sherzer today, here. they, the Chicago sports media, are talking about these tigers as if they are the 27 Yankees. ‘The sox need to make a statement winning at least two of three’, is the consensus here.
    Supposed to rain all night and tomorrow here, so, we may see two on Sunday, or a postponement to later. Who knows.
    As for now, it is a beautiful day on the south side of Chicago for a ball game. mid 60’s, not a cloud. And a slight north breeze blowing out to right as ‘the cell’ sits. Hope the prince is taking notes.
    (posting on behalf our pal, Jim Domzal, who's having trouble getting in to the elite "At the Corner" clubhouse.

  2. Good game today. White Sox mad some great plays in the field and the Boyz were still in it until the end. Scherzer actually looked like a pitcher today.

    Adam Wilk gets the first win for a starter tomorrow in a rain fest.

    The Boyz are looking good and they are very strong. If Victor Martinez comes back this year, they WILL win the World Series. Their batting order is relentless and they will murder mediocre and bad pitching, which most of it is.

    Inge is coming back tomorrow, which sucks. They don't need a 35 year old, $5M part-time player, that can't hit, when they can have a guy that plays just about everywhere and makes $500K and is only 26 years old. On top of that, he can easily out hit Inge. Heck, Chuck can out hit Inge, and he hasn't played for 40 years.

    Terry Foster has a great article in the News tonight on the Inge factor. Enough already. Pair him up with Craig Monroe on the post game report.

    Enjoy the sunshine and hopefully a weekend of good baseball.

  3. Thank God for Bill's poor memory -- I couldn't even hit 40 years ago.

  4. I agree on Inge: great guy but his time to retire has come. Make him a coach or kick him up to the front office to reward him for his loyalty, etc., but get him off the roster.

    Regarding Scherzer, I talked to one of the Tigers' minor-league hurlers during spring training and he said, "The problem with Scherzer is you never know which one will show up: the one who dominates or the one who makes you wonder why he's on a major-league roster."