Four wins and none from a starter

Tigs are the only undefeated American League team.
Porcello pitched well enough to win.
Coke so much better out of the pen.
Great start by "Action" Jackson.
Cabreara was unanimous Americann Leauge player of the week (short 3 day week).
Now as for Inge, when does he get to contribute....
As Sparky said, "Bless you Boys"
or from 1969, "Sock it to 'em Tigers!"


  1. Chuck! "Sock it to 'em Tigers!" was from '68! But I'm still right there with you on the Tigers' good fortunes. It's been fun so far... and Verlander takes the hill tomorrow. Woo hoo!

  2. guess I am getting old -- 60 does that to ya.

  3. It does it to us all, brother!