True Confessions and Thank You Gregg

Just wanted to thank Gregg for all of the work he does on settng up the polls. The research is not easy. He asked me to consider doing an outfield position. So with out answering his question, I started to research centerfield. Hell, I fel like Abott and Costello, "who's on first?" So I just never volunteered to help bnecause it was too much to figure out for me. He then asked me to do DH, which was a lot easier - but even that I rewrote a few times because most guys DHed and also played some in the same year.
So there is my true confession and my thanks to Gregg.
Happy Lent


  1. Of course , that doesn't restrict me from criticizing who you put at DH. Is Willie Horton really a DH? Can we nominate him at both LF and DH?
    Seriously, in case you guys haven't noticed, I enjoy this blog most when we get into a real "doneybrook" as Ernie and George used to say. All in fun, and all about baseball.

  2. Yes Horton spent some time as a DH. He also rates at least an honorable mention for running Willie Horton's Club 23 on Livernois.

  3. Wow. See what happens when I get too busy and can't check on the blog? Just like when I was a kid and my parents would leave the eight of us alone for too long -- we'd always end up bickering over something! Seriously, I really appreciate everyone who puts time and effort into the blog. Thanks to all. (And a P.S. to Gregg... Like Gibby, Higginson was a rightfielder, too. Haha.)

  4. Not that I'm feeling sensitive in the least (yeah, right) but do you think Higginson could have out polled Kaline in right? (Of course, that wasn't my logic in leaving him off the ballot, just my befuddlement.)