Justin Verlander and Johnny Damon

So I think we have a win win here. JV signed for 80 million dollars for 5 years. He is signed for five years and we have a proven winner -- leading the majors in strikeouts last year and 19 wins. Is lots of money, when you consider Kaline thought he would be overpaid when the Tigs offered him $100,000 for one season - so Al turned it down. Times are different.
Radio stations are making it sound like Johnny Damon is close to signing with the Tigs.


  1. That is a pretty interesting reaction. I am in Detroit for a couple of days, leaving the snow storm behind in DC and listening to Detroit sports radio. There have been some crazy reactions. This was a no brain decision on both parts. If JV continues to pitch well, he will be in line for another big contract at 32. The Tigers have made up their minds to build with JV, Porcello, and Cabrerra. These are all smart moves on their part and they have $50M + coming off of the books next year, with a much better team.

  2. I agree: signing JV was a no-brainer. Not sure about Damon. I think he could help in LF and at the plate. I'dgive him a one-year deal.

  3. I too, wouldn't give Damon more than a year. (I'm still heartsick about Granderson. Get over it, Gregg.) But JV is must have stuff.