Leyland's Morning Press Conference

He's just a warm, cuddly fellow, isn't he? According to Tom Gage's blog re: Skip's morning press conference:

8:33 a.m.-Leyland's first request of spring for PR director Brian Britten "get me another pack of cigarettes." (glad I'm not his PR man.)

"You can be a jerk sometimes," Leyland says to the reporter who asks him how it feels to manage the Tiger's first player born in the 1990's, Jacob Turner.

From The Detroit News: http://apps.detnews.com/apps/blogs/tigersblog/index.php?blogid=2022#ixzz0g0Xo7PbR

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  1. Pitchers and catchers had their first official workout today, and I saw Leyland barking at people on the back fields at Tigertown/ Will have photos to share later.