Is Damon worth $9,000,000?

That sure is lots of zeroes. Listening to sportstalk yesterday - they made it sound like Dumbrowski is really interested in Damon and Damonis demanding that much money. One caller said that oneof the terms of the contract should be the introduction of a Designated Thrower (DT) so that Damon would not be responsible for throwing the ball back into play. If management wants to pay the guy that much why did they get rid of Granderson??????


  1. $9M for two years would not be a bad deal. They seriously need a lefty bat with some pop, and that is not Clete Thomas. They may also need a replacement for Maggs next year if he is traded or does not meet the conditions for his contract automatically kicking in next year. It is going to be an interesting spring. I like the idea of Damon. He can't be any worst than Guillen in left field.

  2. I think Damon could help. I saw Guillen in rehab last summer here in Lakeland and he looked old and tired. I doubt the Tigers traded Granderson tosave money, no matter what they said publicly.