Johnny Damon signs 8 million for one year

OUch! Yankees chose not to sign Damon after acquiring Granderson and later Thames. What about saving $, is that why we dumped Granderson? Of course there are still many vairables in the Granderson trade, many names that I hope will become household names. I still think 8 million for a 36 year old is lots of doughremi. Yes he hit 24 homers last year, but most of them were in the confines of friendly Yankee stadium. I hope Mr. Dave knows what he is doing.


  1. I don't think he does know what he's doing. That's why the Tigers go from first to worst and back to first in three years. Unfortunately, I think we're headed down the luge run this summer.

  2. Seems like a good signing an dhe should help provide experience at the top of the order. Which brings me back to another issue: Is having a classic leadoff hitter overrated? Other than the first inning, how many times does he lead off?

  3. Fox 2 Sports has reported that Damon will iht second in the batting order. Leaving the rookie from the Yankees - Jackson - slotted to hit leadoff. Lots of pressure for a rookie.

    I agree Tom, leadoff could be over rated, but it is what it is. And a lead off hitter bats more in the game than anyone else