Should the Tigers sign Sanchez?

I guess there are two ways of answering this question:
1.  With an unlimited payroll - the answer would probably be yes.
2.  With the recent signing of Hunter, plus with the money already owed to several superstars - it gives you pause to wonder.  I say is you can get him for a resasonable (wht is that?) amount - sign him -- if not let him go and settle with Verlander, Porcello, Fister, Scherzer, and Smyly (unless there is an amazing spring training phenomenon.)
Ilitich wants and deserves a World Series winner.  Most thought Fielder was the missing piece (even with v Mart out for season), but that was not the case.
What say ye??

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  1. Sign him. (Of course, it's not my money.) You can never have enough pitching. Between the five of them, somebody will regularly have a sore shoulder. The excess can work long relief.
    Young talent has a way of demanding a spot on the team by virtue of their performance. (example, Garcia.) Let the "kids" sort it out by their performance.