A few geeky notes

By very definition, as a “blogger” I guess I’m something of a geek.

But I really only started “At the Corner” as a way to converse with you guys about our Tigers. While ATC isn’t nearly as popular as the “BIG BLOGS” it is kind of interesting when we look at some stats.

I know sometimes, it feels like we’re just two or three guys talking to ourselves, but the stats show otherwise. For example, did you know that:

• Yesterday, 62 times somebody looked at our blog (AKA pageviews)

• Last month, we had 1,673 pageviews

• We’ve had 21,800 pageviews since we started

• My own pageviews don’t count in that total, so I’m not running up the numbers

  • We had 705 posts since we started in July of 2008.

• Most of us are from the U.S., but we also people looking in from (in descending order) France, Latvia, Australia, Russia, Germany, U.K., Canada, Malaysia, Bosnia and Herzgovinia.

Australia I can kind of understand, since my pal John has been looking in and contributing of late, and I guess some fool in Latvia was looking for information about Bengal Tigers, and stumbled in, but 17 times? Who’s watching us in France? (24 times)

Most of us (80) are Windows users, but surprising to me, Mac come in third behind Linux users. (Looking in from the office are we?)

Most (39%) look in through Firefox, or Explorer (24%).

Before I get too carried away with the “success” of ATC, I must admit, I think we’re tiny compared to some blogs. Just the other day I asked our blog host (blogspot) if somebody might want to advertise here; thanks but no thanks was the response. I have a hunch it was because we’re just too tiny and narrow, but it might have something to do with the fact that we regularly “pirate” photos and articles from other copyrighted sources. I always try to give them credit, but it is without their permission.

As I’ve said before, I’d like to take this to a place that is much easier to use. Jim Domzal and John Holland can’t figure out how to contribute, and we don’t have a clue how many others have the same issues. Chuck can’t figure out how to post pics. We tried WordPress during spring training, but we agreed it was no easier.

Personally, I’ve gotten used to posting both articles and pictures, but when I try to make format changes or start a new blog, I’m lost.

So, I might be a geek, but not much of a geek.

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