One week ago

It's hard to believe that one week ago we were in the thick of chasing the World Series crown.  We were down 2 games to 0.  We had no tickets for Saturday's game, but we went down there to party.  It was fun.  Lots of positive spirit.  We were in the Filmore theater because they allowed minors in.  We wore matching "Fear the Beard shirts" - 7 of us.  A few people even took our pics.  beer was expensive, but not as bad as the ball park.  *It was fun.  We walked all around Comerica.  Bought souveniors.  Tried to get into Chelis, but there was a $20 cover.  The biggest negative was that the lines to get in were extremely long.  I have been at many sold out games, but there were people who could not get into their seats until the 3rd inning.  We ended up at Nemos  for dinner and watched the game on TV.
Sunday was game day.  Joe had bought me a ticket for my birthday - WOW.  We started in the gift shop.  It was wall to wall people - everybody wanted their peice of hiistory.  Those gift shops had to make millions (serious) just on that one day.  T shirts were $50 and then the prices took off.  We had fun window shopping.  Typical ball park food.  Joe said the pizza slices were smaller.  Our seats were upperdeck 13 rows behind the plate.  They were awesome.  Game disappointing, but what a bonding this proud dad had with his son.
Miss the Tigers -- nothing to watch on TV.
Bless you Boys for a fine season!!

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  1. Great story, chuck.

    Know what you mean about "nothing to watch on tv!" Just sit there with my cat, staring into blankness. The wife turns on a bad movie. I fall asleep.
    Winter is here...time to hibernate.