Hall of Famers, or Hall of Shamers?

It's a sad choice, because all three of these guys (Clemens, Sosa, and Bonds) might have been shoo-ins for the Hall without their drugs.

As I heard this afternoon on the radio, there are druggers in the Hall right now, and there will be in the future...

Did they cheat? Sure they did. Might they have made it anyway? Maybe.

I'm just put off by their "grossness."

I say no. Let them stand in the cold outside Cooperstown. Warmed by their millions.

Let's ask Brother Peek, the only one among us who can actually vote. What sayest thou?

(When asked what was his biggest mistake, President George W. Bush said "Trading Sammy Sosa." Wonder how he would vote?)


  1. I say none of them get in. There is (or should be) a character clause to get into the hall.
    A sports talk guy today said - if you had to vote one of them in which one would you let in. Ineteresting question. I still say none of them

    1. They knew what they were doing and what could become of it. There has to be standards....let 'em go over to Pete Rose's house and have a own pitty-party.