Roster move #1 - dump Peralta

We just can't afford ($6 mill) an aging shortstop (31 next year) with no range and no stick, but good hands.

Time to move him on.

Clearly, 2011, his one All-Star year was an aberration. For his other nine years, he was closer to last year's .239 average.

Just about the only redeeming feature (beyond his steady hands) is the pop in his stick, 13 HRs last year and 21 in 2011, which makes him good enough to trade for a pitcher or a prospect.

Here's a deal!! Cook up a three way deal, we put in Peralta and a right-hand pitcher to be named later (tomorrow.) The Rangers give us their phenom shortstop Profar (who they clearly love, but don't have a place for with Elvis Andrus at short and Kinsler at second. A third team who needs a shortstop like Peralta and maybe some pitching throws in a few talented prospects, maybe a pitcher.
You make the deal, Dumbrowski, just get him out of our infield letting so many grounders roll through the holes.


  1. Ditto for me. I was surprised they resigned him, guess it was a security move. 2011 was the peak of his career, it will continue to go down hill from there.

  2.'s time for a new SS to plug that hole in the infield.