Navin Field, Yankee Stadium seats for sale

Hi, baseball fans:

Just an FYI that I'm selling two pairs of wooden stadium seats -- two from Navin Field/Briggs Stadium and two from old Yankee Stadium -- to help pay for my wedding (it's coming up fast -- Aug. 9). I'm planning to place them on eBay tonight or Thursday, so I'd be happy to include the link and photos if anyone is interested. Or if you REALLY want them for yourself, give me a shout at and I can give you the details.

While it will be tough to let these go, don't shed a tear for me -- my honeymoon includes the Tigers-Red Sox game at Fenway on Aug. 11! Did I score the right woman or what?



  1. congrats on the wedding and the Tiger game. I made my first and only trip to Fenway last summer. The Sox played the Yanks - what a game it was and the fans were into the game from the first pitch to the last out. You gotta love the singing of Sweet Caroline during the 7th inning stretch.

  2. Go ahead and post those photos here, Jeff. We'd love to see this stuff, even if we can't afford to bid. And if you get a chance (maybe after you get back from the honeymoon) tell the kiddies the story about your first date and family trip to Comerica.

  3. Congrats, Jeff. On my honeymoon in 1985 my wife and I took in an Expos game in Montreal.

    My cousin owns a strip of four green wooden seats from Navin/Briggs/Tiger Stadium that he got after the '77 season when the Tigers foolishly remodeled, putting in blue plastic seats and painting the stadium Yankee blue instead of that wonderful dark green. 'Twas all downhill from there.

    Speaking of downhill, I liked Fenway better in the '70s, back before it became Ye Olde Red Sox Nation Theme Park & Disco.