happy 45th birthay

just thought i would wish the best statistical player of my generation a happy birthday. And thank him for ruining the greatest game in the world


  1. Just thinking aloud... I know Barry Lamar Bonds is a jerk, but if Dombrowski wants to put a jolt in the offense w/o losing any youngsters -- why not take a flyer on him? He'll be motivated for awhile, at least, trying to get to 3,000 hits. Then they can dump him at the end of the season. No one else in the Tigers' lineup but Cabrera puts the fear of God in pitchers. I'm not saying it would work (in fact, it could be a horrible disaster), but it might be worth the risk considering Leyland has known Barry since he was a rookie. Perhaps he can stroke Barry's ego enough to get the Tigers over the hump??

  2. Interesting idea, Jeff . Hey maybe we get get Dave Kingman out of retirement too! But seriously, Bonds hasn't played since last October. Is he in shape?