All Star Trivia

What former Detroit Tiger who hit 255 lifetime homeruns, many in noted memorable clutch situations, was the only MVP never to appear on an All Star roster? (Answer in the comment box. First answer wins a fantastic prize.)


  1. That was too easy. Kirk Gibson, are you kidding. What is very funny, is that Cal Ripken told me that most major leaguers called Gibson, "Gibby Two Swings". Those home runs are his claim to fame in an otherwise very mediocre career.

  2. Too easy, eh? OK Bill, the next trivia question is yours to write. BTW, Bill will receive two free passes (actually, rain checks that I hold) for a Frisco Roughriders (Texas AA affiliate)game later this year.

    Congrats. The tickets include B&B style lodging at Casa de Shields, and a ride to the game.

    p.s. - don't you have anything better to do on Sunday morning at 5:59, like sleep? Guess we should be honored you turn on to ATC so early.