Home Run Derby: Legitimate, or Athletic Freak Show?

OK, maybe that's a little too strong of a comparison. But I loved every second of it, even if it's not really baseball.
But it really was some kind of sport, and who couldn't love the end with the little kids mobbing Prince Fielder like a Roman hero?
And who couldn't love the Rangers' Josh Hamilton last year for asking his legion coach to throw to him? And really, who couldn't love it when the media made idiots of themselves making it sound like Josh was giving up his chance at winning the contest, and he starts parking them in the parking lots? (Even when he quit hitting in later rounds, it was just because Josh tired, not "old" Clay. (I wanna be old like Clay.)

So was it just a freak show?

Remember, when the All Star Game first started they called it a freak, til they "Repackaged it" as "The Mid-Summer Classic."

Hey, they my wife and daughters even stayed to watch the softball game with me! That's fun.


  1. Freak show? I'd say no. But I watched none of it because I have no interest in it. (I was playing basketball at the time.) I have no plans to watch tonite's game either. Call me a curmudgeon but I'm tired of the commercials and the announcers and the circus of televised sports.

  2. Tom, you're a curmudgeon. Get a TIVO, pass by all the commercials (and all the bull, as I agree, there is a lot) and just get down to the fun of the competition.
    Have you stopped watching all baseball games to avoid commericals? How do you avoid the bill boards at the ballpark?

  3. Gregg, I've just lost my appetite for TV sports (and anything else on TV). I'd rather watch a minor league game or a high school game in person than see MLB on TV.

  4. Tom, I agree with your comments about TV. I do enjoy my Tigers on Fox, but that is about it. News is depressing and sitcoms are not funny. I do like Intervention on Mondays on A & E and I like Joel Osteen on Sunday mornigs.

  5. I am anonymous LOLbut I am having a hard time with this new way to post comments

  6. Sorry, Chuck (and somehow I knew that was you)but I didn't make that very slight change in structure. My advice: you learned the old way, use those newly exercised brain cells to learn more!