Team work 2009

Hey all.
June 13th and all is well. The Bengals are in first place with a 4 game lead over the Twinkies. Despited the fact that the production from Maggs is down, Polanco is down, Guillen is injured, Thames was injured. Even Cabrera has hamstring problems. We only have three starters. And the majoirty of our RBIs last nights cam from a pitcher - I am glad we were in a National League park, we might still be playing. The bottom line is that we are winning because a team is playing together and different guys take charge on different days. Clete Thomas was hot and now he is in Toledo. I am enjoyng this season. You doomsayers will say that we are in the weakest division in baseball. NUts I say. We are a team of destiny -- save this blog and we'll see who is there at the end. And there will be many unsung heroes.

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  1. Weakest division in baseball? Who cares, I just want them to win the division, and keep winning.

    I'm glad it's going so well so far, but, I was/am one of those doomsayers.