So the Tigers are in a Bit of a Slump; What's Your Favorite Baseball Movie?

Don't worry, we'll pull out of it.
Just think good thoughts.
What was your favorite all-time baseball movie(s)?
Gene Shallit and Baseball America come up with a pretty good list. Their rankings, along with a few comments of my own. (You can see their comments on the link.)
  1. Bull Durham - This is the best of the best? Not hardly. In my book, it hardly ranks in the top five.

  2. Field of Dreams - Now this is the real #1. Even non-baseball fans can get swept away here.

  3. Bang the Drum Slowly - It's been a long time (1973) but I think I remember being immensely bored during this flick. Maybe #10.

  4. Eight Men Out - I know it's supposed to be a classic, but I think I saw it when I was on a road trip in a hotel room, and I fell asleep.

  5. Pride of the Yankees- A real tear-jerker, even if they are Yankees, isn't this one reason you became a baseball fan?

  6. The Bad News Bears - They say, the best baseball comedy. Maybe it was, maybe Ball Four was.

  7. The Natural - Another very heavy flick. Do you guys get the feeling I don't care much for heavy flicks? You'd be right!

  8. A League of their Own - If it weren't for Rosie O'Donnell, this would be a cute movie. Enjoyable nonetheless.

  9. The Sandlot - I'm not sure I've seen that. Hey Debbie, where's the Netflix list?

  10. Major League - They poo-poo it as cliche, and predictable with two dimensional characters, I say "Hey, what's not to love about it?" Push it up to four or five.

    So, what do you say, gentlemen? Other nominations? I'll post a quiz on this in a few days, and let's hope our Tigers get things straight.


    1. I thought The Natural was way too melodramatic. The novel, however, by Malamud was pretty good. Ditto Mark Harris' book "Bang the Drum Slowly" (although I never saw the movie vesion). In case it's not obvious, I prefer reading to watching movies.

      Bull Durham was OK. I like Major League a lot. Like Sandlot too.

      Does anyone remember a made for TV movie starring Roy Schieder set in Detroit and having something to do w/ the Tigers?

    2. Was that the one about Ron LeFlore?

      Sounds to me like we have a call for "Best Baseball Books." Tom, I'll put you in charge of that one. My suggestion is, don't stay only with fiction: I recall reading "Veck as in Wreck" as a kid. I thought it was pretty good then. (of course, that was 40 years ago.)

      Money ball is another.

    3. Gregg, no the one about LeFlore was called "One in a Million" and starred Levar Burton as Ron.