Is Leyland a Tough Boss?

Jim Leyland was ticked last night after Zumaya put three Astros on with walks in the eighth, leading to a blown save and the end of the seven-game winning-streak.

"You've got to throw strikes up here," he said (to the Detroit News.) "I'm tired of looking at walks, and that's everybody. Too many people are walking, too many people."

Ease up, Jim. We're on a streak. There were no walks the night before. Does excoriating them in the paper shame them into not making walks? 'Course, what do I know, I'm unemployed, and when my name was in the paper they were usually quoting me.
Is Leyland a tough boss? I think so, but he hasn't asked me to work for him.


  1. The one thing we don't know is what Leyland actually said to Zumaya after the outing. If these were the first comments, then he was probably way out of line. If it is reinforcing earlier comments, then maybe not.

    I d have a question - is there something wrong with Zumaya? It looks like his spped has returned, but has lost his control. Lots of blown saves

  2. That is Leyland's job. Fundamental, fundamentals, fundamentals. And now we have a two game losing streak just tht quickly

  3. Two losses in a row aren't too much to be concerned about (this coming from Mr. Negative.)There were only 3 walks Saturday.
    Kooch's point is well taken: what your boss tells you mano a mano means a lot more than anything else.
    I don't think Zumaya is loosing it. I saw a few of the games against the Cubs on WGN, and he looked great. The Cubbies' broadcasters were afraid of him.