Brother Chuck Heads South

My brother Chuck (too timid to blog, so I'll show him) loves to go down to Toledo to see the MudHens. I love minor league baseball, and I often go to our local AA team, the Frisco RoughRiders. but they are about 15 minutes away, not 90 miles!
Anyway, perhaps you will enjoy his pics.

(That's Chuck on the right, with his lovely bride Linda. How could such a lovely lady marry somebody who can't find the front of their cap, and can't figure out how to tuck in his shirt?)

The left field scoreboard at Fifth Third Field. So is it fifth or third? Where is Fifth Base, anyway?

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  1. Fifth Base is at the bar across the street. We also love Fifth Third. Hell, we know half the team because they keep taking a shuttle bus back and forth from Comerica. Toledo is big on entertaining the kids in between every half inning. My son says they have the best ice cream. Not sure of their prices this year, but you used to be able to get four hot dogs and four pops and get change for a $20.
    The baseball is pretty entertaining too, better than what we saw in Pittsburgh. And you are right on top of the field. I'll look for Chuck on my next trip.