Dejavu all over again!!

Nice to see that Steve Kemp made the poll welcoming him to the Tigers. Unfortunately if memory serves me correct Steve was here in the late 70's -- wonder what he is doing now?
My votye went to Rick Knapp. He has certainly been a major influence on Verlander and Rodney - two disappointments from last year. And then you have the addition of Jackson, Porcello, and Ryan Perry - not sure what any of the pitching would be like with a different pitching coach -- where is Chuck Hernandez?

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  1. Well, unlike Commissioner Bud, this guy admits mistakes. Fortunately, mine are only viewed by about five of my closest friends.
    Unfortunately, my choices are limited: I can delete the whole poll, including your votes, and re-post it, or leave it where it is, which is what I'll do. (It will be interesting to see if anybody votes for old Steve.)