Thank God for unanswered prayers

I saw in the Freep that the Tigers offered Avasail Garcia for James Shields. As much as I like good pitching, that could have been another Smolz for Alexander trade. Shields has a lot of miles on that arm, would be a great addition for next year, maybe two. But From what I've seen of Garcia, he has a long, fruitfull career ahead of him, and I'd like it to be with the Tigers. 

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  1. (Gremlins are afoot! Brother Hags is having trouble posting. This is from him.)

    Anyway I agree. I saw Garcia a lot this summer in Lakeland. He has all the tools and looks like the real deal. So does Nick Castellanos. I hope the Tigers keep both. (I also think the Rays got the best of the deal w/ KC, especially since TB couldn't afford to keep Shields once he went free agent.)