Roster Move #4; What are we gonna do with Quintin Berry?

Ya gotta root for a guy like Berry, an itinerant minor leaguer, who finally makes the bigs, and does OK.  He had his day at the show. Does he have a tomorrow? I'm not sure.

His speed makes him fun to watch, and a decent leadoff hitter.

But he's no kid (28 next year) and with the addition of Hunter, Jackson a rock star (finally) in centerfield and Garcia virtually demanding playing time by virtue of his accomplishments, is QB doomed to ride the bench and wait for somebody to get hurt? There's plenty of competition for that job, and bench seats area at a premium when the roster skinnies down to 25.

That means the bench has an extra catcher, an extra infielder an extra outfielder, and maybe one or generalists, depending on how many pitchers we carry. The fact that Berry is a lefty is in his favor.

What would you do? If you were going to carry one extra outfielder, is he the man?


  1. A tough one for me. When Dirks was injured and Berry played everyday - he played well and hit for a decent average and was always a threat on the basepath. When Dirks returned and he was relegated to a part time role - his performance suffered. I think he is an assett, but I do not see him fitting in on a long twerm basis - trade him and give him a chance elsewhere.

  2. To me, he just looks like a big league ball player. I hope we find a place for him. Sure rather be playing with him that against him. But I's a tuff decision.

  3. He's a good 4th outfielder but I'd trade him if we had a chance to improve by doing so.