So what do we do with Sanchez?

We got him at a reasonable (?) price because we knew his contract would be expiring at the end of the season and he would move into free Agency.  He is young.  At times he was awesome and at other times, I wondered why he was ours.  Gregg already has Porcello gone, so does that make Sanchez more valuable?  Of course, at what price?  How important is he to bringing Mr. I a world series title?  I have mixed feelings. 

And while we are at it -- what does the acquisition of Josh Hamilton do for the Angels?.  Their two acquisitions last year did not help them, especially with the slow start of Pujols.  They are serious - that's for sure.


  1. Sign him. Sure, he's no JV. But he's shown some stuff. We still need the mid rotation starters.

  2. I love this signing. Mr. I is all in for winning a title and this gives the Tigers the best rotation in baseball. They will get a big haul for Porcello by trading him to a National League team. No more soft tossers. Porcello to Pittsburgh and Boesch to Seattle. Very nice move because they were going to have to pay Porcello at some point because he signed a major league contract out of high school. Great move!!!