Roster Move #3: Clone Verlander

The guy is incredible.

Watching his dugout interviews in the postseason, I'd say he has a career in broadcasting if he wants it when he's done playing

He even picks the All-Star Game for one of his worst outings.

It'll be a sad day when he hangs up his cleats.

Anybody concerned about the number of innings he's pitching?


  1. He pitches like Lolich did in the 60's when nobody thought about counting pitches.

  2. Brother Tom points out that baseball players wear spikes, no cleats. Oops.

  3. Interesting comparison to Lolich, Chuck.

    The chubby leftie pitched an amazing 3,213 innings from 1964-1975! His ERA was higher than Verlander's (usually in the mid-three range), but it was a different era, and I'm sure it pleased old Mayo Smith to watch him chew up the innings.

    Did it hurt his quality? Apparently not, as in 1971 he threw 376 innings, turned in a 2.92 ERA, and won 25 games. The next year he pitched 327 innings, with a 2.5 ERA and won 22 games.

    Verlander's no slouch, but the most he has ever pitched was 251 innings in 2011. (I may have inadvertently slammed Lolich by saying his ERA was "only" mid threes. As good as he is, Verlander's career ERA is 3.4)

  4. As you say, Gregg, a different era, before the advent of relief specialists for the 7th and 8th innings.