What is your take on Instant Replay

The umps clearly blew two calls today and the instant replays verified it.  One was a third strike - that the guy swung at.  Home ump wasn't sure so he asked 1st base for help.  Leyland was moe livid than I have ever seen him and he was right.  It's bad enough when your  team isn't  up  to par and then the umps....  Leyland did not want to bad mouth the umps, but he challenged  the writers  to write exactly what they saw.  He said everyone has  to be "accountable"  Later in the game Worth overslid second, but  got back in time and was called out.  Today was tough.


  1. Let me propose something totally "out of left-field." (Pun only slightly intended.)

    Let's blow up the whole system. Since every game is televised from multiple directions, let's have two or three umps in a video booth, one ump behind the plate. The guy behind the plate serves as the "on-the-field Game Conductor." (OTFGC) All calls, balls, strikes, outs, are made by the booth umps, then instantly relayed down to the OTFGC.

    Instead of video review, every call is made by video, and in the case of inconclusive video evidence, reviewed by the OTFGC.

    It would take some testing in spring training and/or minor leagues, but I think it might be worth trying.

    We've all seen the little rectangle placed over the strike zone when the centerfield camera shoots the batter. Of course, we'd have to juxtaposed that with a side angle to get a three-dimensional view, but I think it could be done.

    If we worked out the kinks, it could happen just as fast as the system currently in place, with fewer errors and arguments.

    Revolutionary. The biggest change in baseball since the DH.

  2. Trying to post on behalf of Jim Domzal .. two Polacks who are technologically challenged... (I was successful)
    in an accountable world, from politics, to virtually every act we do, it astounds me some stodgy old cigar smoking has beens cannot accept the fact we are human and we make mistakes. so much is at stake in the world of sports these days. it’s all about the money of course, but when you see blatant missed calls, not just yesterday but perfect game calls, foul balls going for home run calls, missed tag calls, balls half a foot out of the strike zone calls, there is no reason to not include instant replay. I believe they allow it in post season. what a joke. like those games are more important that yesterdays? we miss the post season by one victory, how invaluable was yesterdays game then?
    we die in the wool fans of the game seem to behave like lemmings accepting ‘the human factor’ as part of the game. personally, I feel much more gratified if a call is reviewed, whether in the favor of my team or not, knowing it was a good and valid call versus a totally missed call with the infamous non reviewable tag. NON REVEIEWABLE? then why show it as a replay? I am VIEWING it, good or bad!! you are showing it to me for chrissakes!! If I can see it, then why show it, allowing me to see a game whereby a play is missed, and not able to be changed. it angers me even more. no matter whose favor it is at that point. every close play should be reviewed. we have the technology. years ago, of course it was not an option. but today, we live in a world where this old school mentality needs to be removed and the game of inches should be just that. accountability.
    hey, here in Chicago they seem to carry this to another level. when building the new soldier field, they had serious debates over doming it or keeping it open air. as if people wanted to sit in sub zero weather. (bear weather the call it here), instead of 72 and shirtsleeves. we only played in crummy weather because we didn’t have the technology till the astrodome. the idiots here voted for no dome. idiots. unless you have sat indoors, say at Indy, or Detroit, or phoenix for that matter, you cannot appreciate it. the game goes on for 4 hours, even though they play 60 minutes, to allow for the incredible marketing, (called commercials), of the game, while the fans at the game sit there. last game I went to here, it snowed and was 10 degrees. the busiest place? the men’s rooms, where they had heaters. yea, I love bear weather.
    sorry. got off track. regarding replay:
    this is not to discredit the umps. they do a very good job with the skills they have. but, they are human. not a camera, not a time clock, not a see all do all machine. of course they will, excuse this, balk at this replay suggestion, it’s their livelihood. but, machines are clearly more efficient. from the assembly line, to the phone operator, to the traffic light to the umpire. get over it already.
    now where’s my remote? I need to watch that game again. ha.