Scalpers vs. Ticket Brokers

Last Monday we made a decision to go to the game at 6:20.  We go tthere ar 6:55.  Wasn't sure where we were going to sit or what we would pay.  We were approached by a ticket broker.  He pulled out 50 or 60 tickets and said, "where do you wanna sit and what do you wanna pay?"  What a different concept.  of course, it was 10 minutes before game time and he had a lot of tickets to get rid of.  We bought 3 tickets in the lower deck right fiekld corner, just inside fair territory - 8 rows off the field - $10.00 each.  Such a deal.  he then gave us his business card for future events.  This older conservative Polack has always gone to box office, but now I have a new option.

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