It's all about the pitching

How many times have each of us heard that or said that.  Great start by Fister last night, so good to have him back!  But OH THAT BULLPEN.  Is there a "go to" guy in the pen?  Looks like the starting pitching is coming around, but we are paying a lot of money to a group of guys that I do not have much confidence in.  One could argue that our BIG bats were also part of last night's problems - 2 runs is not enough.  Plop.  Plop.  Fizz. Fizz. Oh what a relief it is.

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  1. It's good to see they got a good start out of Fister, but you're right, I'd blame the bats. With those hitters, they should have won the game 7-3, and nobody would have even been eligible for a save.