Don't Look now ... Tigers only 3 games out!

Three in a row, makes you feel good,but we still have a ways to go.  Boston and then the Yankees will be a great test this coming week.
So what do we do when Jackson comes back?  Jackson gets center.  Berry is too hot and too fast not to play.  I am thinking Delmon Young is the odd man out -- package him and rayburn and look forward to October.

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  1. Relax Big Boy!!! It is a long season and the Tigers are fine. They will be back in first by the All Star break because they are the best team in the division. Quentin Berry has looked good and is going to cause a roster problem if he keeps hitting. He is not going to replace Delmon Young, because he can't hit the ball out of the park.

    The Tigers problem is the middle infield, both shortstop and second base. I think that they can get by with Peralta, but they have to do something at second. It's time to cut ties with Ryan Raburn, he is horrible. When Austin Jackson comes back next weekend, either Raburn or Don Kelly is gone. Speed kills and Berry and Jackson can change a game, as you saw this weekend.

    The pitching is starting to come around and get settled. Albuquerque will start throwing off of a mound this week and is expected back in July. I like Villareal and Marte. Hard throwers who can get you a strike out in a tight spot.

    Did you notice that Porcello had a couple of pitches today at 96. Most people still forget that he is only 23 and this is his 4th year. His body is filling out and he will continue to get better.

    Dombrowski will make a move for a second baseman and don't be surprised to see Polanco back at second base. He would then hit 7th or 8th and that would be a great thing. Dirks has really taken to hitting second. I also like the fact that he puts the ball in play.

    They are really set up for the Boston series, with all of the big boys pitching along with Smyly. A great week of baseball. If they take 3 of 4, that would be great. After the Yankees, the schedule is pretty easy until the All-Star break.

    The end of the season could also loom big. They play 10 out of their last 13 at home against the A's, Twins, and Royals and finish on the road against the Twins.

    In the meantime, let's get the first one against Boston tomorrow night with Fister on the hill.

    GO TIGERS!!!