Who is next to go?

Ryan Rayburn is gone.
Don Kelly is not far behind.
Today's Freep thinks it might be time for hitting coach, Lloyd McClendon, to be in the unemplyment line.
Something HASTO BE DONE.
Becasue Illitch and Dombrowski are soo loyal, I doubt they will make the move of dumping Leyland. Terry Francona is in the broadcasting booth waiting for a job offer.
What say Ye?


  1. Ok, are you following me so far? Raburn is gone and will not have the success that Inge had and return a hero. He is pretty much there for the rest of the year unless things get really crazy.

    Kelly is now on the bubble and Matt Young might be his replacement. With Worth at least putting the bat on the ball, and Santiago, Young can be the extra infielder and outfielder.

    Brennan Boesch is on the trade block for the right deal. I am sure that the Tigers are looking at Starlin Castro with the Cubs because they will need a shortstop next year.

    Lack of middle infield offense and defense is the biggest problem that they have. They can't hit and can't turn the double play.

    In a Boesch trade, Berry ends up in right for the time being with Jackson in center, and Dirks in left. Delmon is the spare outfielder and DH. Victor Martinez will be back in late August and they will be lights out. That is why I predicted earlier in the year that they will be much better next year than this year. V-Mart missing is a huge loss and will take care of any batting order issues.

    Think about him batting fifth after Fielder and he is a switch hitter.

    They have too many mismatched parts right now, but will get it straightened out. The pitching is really settling in. Marte and Villareal are coming along, and Albuquerque is on the way back. Crosby will be a big surprise the rest of the way, if he can throw strikes. He is a big-time pitcher and has more tools than anyone, including Turner. I have seen them both live and Crosby is the real deal.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Boyz!!!

  2. I saw the game on national TV Tuesday night. What an unimpressive bunch! I see what you mean about middle infield problems, and failure to turn a DP. But I think they're most pressing problem is (as I predicted) pitching. Bill I hope you're right that help is just around the corner, but Crosby sure didn't have it last night according to the box score. Even Porcello is wavering, and Verlander isn't his normal sharp performer. Certainly Scherzer has been better the last few outings, but they need help. I see the Rangers picked up Oswalt.
    Fact is, pitching is a rare commodity, but the Tigers just don't have nearly enough.

  3. Actually, the question isn't who's next to go, but who can they get to solve their problems?

    As the great Joe Falls once wrote, "If the bus won't start, shoot the bus driver."

  4. Wait a minute? When was Joe Falls ever great???!!!

  5. He was crochety as all get out, but the guy could write a helluva column. And in those days, columnists wrote EVERY DAY!

  6. I never ever liked the guy. Can't remember anything he wrote that I ever liked.