Jeff Meade's Tiger Predictions

Jeff was a few years behind me in the sem. -- might have been in Hagerty's class.
He writes sports for the monroe Evening News and can be reached at (in case the comish wants to invite him to join this banter.
Today he rips Leyland, Valverde, Dombrowski, and especially Cabrera for their lackluster performance.  "Miguel Cabrera is immune from critcism from around here because of his immense talent, but his lacksaidasical attitude epitomizes what is wrong with the Tigers."  SPOT ON!!!
Jeff predicts:
McClendon gone - to be replaced by Durham (a bandaid)
Valverde will be placed on the disabled list with a mysterious ailment.
Leyland will blame injuries, which we have had, but so has Chicago and Cleveland.
White Sox will win the division
Tigers will acquire a 2nd baseman - and leyland will mess with his head like he did with Wilson Betemit.
Leyland will be fired at the end of the year, but it will be announced that he is retiring.
All very possible.
My take:
There is no apparent spark on our team. Other than blaming the umps.
Terry Fracona is available - WHY wait??
We need action NOW


  1. I doubt a new manager will make a difference at this point in the season. Or a new hitting coach. How is any coach supposed to talk an established major leaguer like Delmon Young into being more selective at the plate? Cabrera is not the problem. Injuries to jackson and Fister have hurt. We do need a real second baseman. Tigers are worst in baseball at turning the DP