Who is our New closer?

Well Brandon Lyon is gone -- $15 mill for 3 years from Houston -- are they that desperate? Rodney is good as gone - Orioles are looking at him. Today's Free Press speculated that the job could (stress the could) to Ryan Perry. He is awfully young (23), but it will be interesting to see if the Tigs acquire somebody or see if there is a Closer Derby during Spring Training. And we can't forget Zumaya - geesh I hope nobody gives him the latest version of Guitar Hero for Christmas. Who gets the job??


  1. Yikes. Ryan Perry? Right now I'd put my money on Zoom Zoom -- if he can get healthy and stay there (how many times have we said that?). Perry just doesnt seem ready... not yet, anyway. Heard newcomer Daniel Schlereth might actually have the right stuff and personality for the role... probably not this year, though.

  2. newcomer Phil Coke pitched inrelief last year for NY, so perhaps he'll have a shot at it. I bet the Tigers will see who does best in spring training.

  3. I can't wait for Spring Training to see what they have. Look for Zumaya to get his chance first, but Perry will be breathing down his back, and watch for Cody Satterwhite who is lights out and very nasty. Although not ready for the closer role, also watch for Jay Sboorz. He is from my neck of the woods and we have watched him since Little League. Finally, after 4 years in the minors, the lightbulb has gone on and it seems that he has discovered the strike zone. He is flithy, nasty.

    While Lyons and Rodney are critical losses, the Tigers have a stable of arms. Three years ago everybody was screaming because of the Sheffield trade from the Yankees, and the trade with the Marlins because of the Cabrera trade. The only guy that has panned out was not in any of those trades, Jair Jurrjens.

    Humberto Sanchez, Eugilio Delacruz....... You get the point. None of these panned out, although they were top prospects. David Chadd has totally rebuilt the pitching stable in less than 3 years. I am not worried about a closer. After all, it only becomes a closer if you are winning!!!!

    Happy Hannukah!!!

  4. having a good closer is such a critical role on a good team. perry may not be ready but i hope they have a plan and not just a "lets see what happens once the season starts attitude" but this is nothin compared to whats goin on with our football team. a total debacle