The Tiger Trade

Well, Curtis and Edwin are gone, and I actually like this deal. Granderson's defense is going to be tough to replace, but despite 30 home runs, none of them seem to take place in a big spot. I like Curtis a lot for what he means to the Detroit community and he will be missed in that reagrd, but I will not miss the three pitch strikeout in the eighth inning with the tying run on third and one out.

I love the pitching that they got and Daniel Schlereth actually started his pitching career here in Reston VA in my T-Ball League. He played ball with our kids until he moved with his Dad to Denver when he got traded to the Broncos. A great family!!!!!

I love Scherzer as a starter. He averaged over a strikeout per inning. The Tigers top 3 starters are going to be tough to beat. If Bonderman has any kind of year at all, it could still be a different, but special year.

What do you think?

What do you think about the trade?


  1. Bill, when I worked for State Farm I made a trip to Anchorage, Alaska, for a media training session w/ some local agents and claims people. One of the people we trained was an agent named Schlereth. I forget his first name but I remember him saying his son played in the NFL.

    I like the Jackson deal, especially since it semes obvious we couldn't/wouldn't sign him after he becomes a free agent in 2011.

    I don't like givin gup Granderson because he seems like a great person. I've seen hi here in spring training stay long after workouts, signing autographs, posing for photos and talking to fans. He seems to actually care about people instead of just tolerate the attention like so many athletes.

    Bottom line, I think the Tigers made the trades to save money. Too bad they didn't dump Magglio last season when they had a chance.

  2. a terrible deal, a real step backward. They dump a big salary because he had an off year, and pick up a bunch of prospects? According to Tony Paul in the Detroit News, Scherzer (I'm gonna have trouble remembering who's on first with a couple yung pitchers with similar names) only has a fast ball and a curve. That's it. I didn't know you could graduate from AA without a third pitch. Last year his ERA was over 4, he posted a losing record, and showed that he cuold not go deep into games, from I read. Boy, now there's a prospect worth keeping!
    Worst of all, Granderson goes to the dreaded Yankees. He'll have a field day in Yankee Stadium's outfield.

  3. He'll also salivate aiming at that short fence in RF.

  4. He will be a classic Yankee and will look GREAT in pinstripes and become the face of the Yankees with ARod and DJ. For Curtis, it is a great move and secures him for life. The sad part is that his career with the Tigers will be seen as only a blip on the radar screen. He is going to put up ungodly numbers for the Yankees with their lineup. The Yankees will elevate his game. He will be missed, but I still like the trade.

  5. I for one never heard of any of these men so I will bow to Bill Bouie and if Brother Bill likes the trade I will defer to him. I already miss Granderson - let's hope that Dumbrowski does not live up to the spelling of his name.

  6. I've accepted the trades and moved on. The Twins have stayed competitive by trading expensive free-agents-to-be for younger talent so maybe the Tigers will enjoy similar success. Maybe we can also unload Guillen and Ordonez.

  7. Bill's sort of right: the Tigers have traded away a guy who could be HOF material. 40+ HR's, Gold Gloves in a tough outfield. But do the Tigers have to give him away?
    Can you really lay the blame on him for the last two weeks of the '09 season? Remember, they were competitive May - Sept. That's the reason we were all so broken hearted when they didn't make the playoffs. Fact is, we were competitive.

  8. Scott Boras, agent for Yankee Johnny Damon, had this to say about Granderson in today's NY Tines:

    Does the Granderson trade affect Damon coming back to the Yankees?

    A.Well, the Yankees have made some really great strategic moves of late to make their team even stronger. They were talking about the need for 25 home runs and the need to replace a component they got from their DH last year and they did that by adding a centerfielder, so that allows the strength of the upper tier of the lineup, the Jeters, the Damons, to be all the more important to set the table and provide that component where players are in position to score runs for those bats. Obviously Granderson’s strengths are his defense, his power, his left-handed power. But his detriments are he’s clearly not a No. 2 hitter and with his power comes –- as most power hitters -– comes the strikeouts. His skill set, his strengths, are obviously not fit in that phase of the lineup.

  9. The Granderson and Jackson trades got me to thinking: When did the Tigers last trade a player who was near or in his prime? Sure they lost guys like Jack Morris to free agency, and traded prospects who turned into stars (John Smoltz), but when did they last trade a star player? Was it when they sent Ron LeFlore to the Expos? Denny McLain to the Senators? Harvey Kuehnn to the Indians?

  10. I think the Granderson trade has the potential to work out real well for Detroit. We get a young CF with the POTENTIAL to be as good as or better than Granderson along w/ a young left-handed pitcher. Granderson may have some great years in NY, but I think he'd reached his peak as a Tiger.