Adios Fernando, as the Tigers dump more payroll

Is Dumbrowski just dumping as much talent as he can overboard? Sure, Fernando Rodney, who signed with the Angels yesterday, wasn't a lock on next year's pennant, but he sure was one part of the machine that usually seemed to deliver: saves in 37 of 38 chances, and they let him walk for $11 million over two years. All the Tigers got in exchange was a draft pick. Who's next?


  1. I do not know who is next. Let me ask you this. In all of Rodney's 37 saves how many times did you feel confident when he entered the game? The answer for me is zero! Stats look wonderful and soem people can make numbers say whatever they want. The Tigers did not win and changes had to be made, this is one I highly approve of. Rodney made "Rollercoaster Todd Jones" look like he had super human powers. I do not think we will miss Rodney and his 37 saves.

  2. i have no problem letting Rodney or Lyon walk. Rodney had a career year and won't duplicate it. Might be more effective as a setup man. If Zumaya is healthy he can do th ejob. If not, perhaps Ryan Perry. Maybe Phil Coke. Or someone will be available during spring training from another team.