One of the Best Weeks of the Year!!!!!

For baseball lovers, this week is a baseball junkies dream. The Hot Stove League is simmering this evening in Indianapolis and ready to get started full bore tomorrow morning. All of the rumors will be found to be just that, but it is in the first couple of days when Dave Dombrowski makes his move. I don't think that the Tigers will be major players, but who knows. I don't think that they are looking to trade either Curtis Granderson or Miggy. Edwin Jackson is definitely on the block and will get traded for a nice package of prospects. There is always room for a surprise.

If you read some of the other blogs today, Tiger Weblog, the Tiger's financial condition is not nearly as bad as it has been painted. It's amazing that the Tigers have so few position prospects in the minors and they are a serious step behind athletically. It will be interesting to see how quickly Daniel Fields moves up the ladder. He has great blood lines, but so does Cale Iorg for that matter, but I get the feeling that Fields will find himself in the outfield and will be the next center fielder in a few years. The Tigers have too many outfielders that look the same and have the same skill set. Clete Thomas, Brent Clevelen, Matt Joyce, Jeff Larrish, are they all the same guy? Going back a few years, Cody Ross also. We need some STUDS!!!!! I am sick of watching guys that have spunk and are "real baseball" players. Let's get some athletes that hit the ball a mile and run like the wind.

Spring Training is less than 80 days away. Can't wait.

A few surprises will take place this spring. This is going out on the limb, but Joel Zumaya is going to have a great year. If he does, look for the Tigers to contend into September again, regardless of what happens with Rodney and Lyon.



  1. Bill, I know what you mean about prospects. I saw more than 30 Lakeland Flying Tigers games this season, and aside from pitchers the only player I saw who who looks like he might play in the majors is SS Audy Ciriaco. Reliever Robbie Weinhardt looks like he has a shot. I hope you're right about J. Zumaya, but I fear his arm will never be healthy. I hope I'm wrong. I'd resign Rodney and Lyon only if they'll accept short-term deals. Rodney might have had a career year, and I'd trade him if the right deal developed.

  2. Well I hope Bill is right about Zumaya - that could make a major difference. Lyon And Rodney are too scary.
    Isn't amazing how excited we are about Spring Training - it was two short months ago that we were in the dumps - hell the Commish even temporarily resigned.
    What kind of year will Avilla have?
    And what about Brennan Boesch who played at Erie last year.Yesterday's Free Press talked about Crosby from Oakland at shortstop.
    I am jealous of Hagerty - 30 games at Lakeland. We are trying to decide what to do with our tickets this year. Some of our group may not want to get involved - maybe I should look at the Mudhens - you end up seeing half of the Tigers anyways.
    I do miss baseball - nothing to watch on TV

  3. Unless the Tigers resign Adam Everett they will have an all-new DP combo this season.

  4. This morning's Free Press says the Tigers resigned SS Adam Everett to a one-year deal. Also, Rodney and Lyon each rejected the club's offer of a one-year contract to be determined by arbitration. Each remains eligible to resign w/ Detroit.

  5. Alright, the Comish is back from his hiatus. Yes, I pulled the plug for at least a month; I forgot about the winter meetings totally. Let's start with a poll on the greatest Tiger by season/position. I'll get to work on it.
    Anybody want to tackle the research for one position?