What will be the biggest surprise going into Spring Training

This is a bit early, but there will be a lot of changes next year for the Tigers, regardless of what they do in the playoffs. One to look out for is looking for Joel Zumaya to be converted back to a starter. This is a little crazy, but it would keep him under control and it was Zumaya that had a bead on the starting job in 2006 before Verlander and he was a great starting pitcher. It would take some strain off of his shoulder. What do you think?


  1. The question about Zumaya is always his off-season activities. I sometimes wonder if he is more into having a good time than he is to playing baseball. Do you ever keep him under control? How bad does he want it?
    The one minor leaguer I have heard about is Brennan Boesch from Erie.
    Just read Maggs is three plate appearances away from making $18 million next year - I guess we are stuck with him because who will want him with that salary. (Isn't Pujols only making $14 mill?).
    One thing about baseball we always dream for the future - it's fun

  2. Look for relievers Robbie Weinhardt and Lester Oliveros to do well in spring training. Both started the year at Lakeland, with Weinhardt moving to Erie and Oliveros to Toledo late in the season. Both were save machines.