A bit of explanation about the current poll

You might ask "Where's Inge? Where's Verlander? Where's Cabrera?"

This poll started out in Chuck's brain as "Unsung Heroes." Not bad, but I would say if they are unsung, we wouldn't know about them, would we?

IMHO, Inge, Verlander and Cabrera have all done more than their share. I'm looking for the guy who really has not shown us as much as we had hoped for to date.

So let's call them "unexpected." Am I missing anybody?

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  1. Kind of interesting - I voted for Robertson - as did two others. Hope we're right. Remember Robertson in 2006 - he was different, always with that huge wad of gum. What happened to him?
    The more unsung heroes the better. Would be great to sweep Cleveland. Got my tickets for the 1st round -- can't wait.