Who was the Tigers Worst GM?

Chuck suggests we continuing polling on the "best of times/worst of times" theme with the worst GM.

Some of his candidates:

  • Bo Shembechler for firing Ernie Harwell - (Correct my spelling if I goofed.)
  • Jim Campbell - Why Chuck, for bringing us the 1968 Tiger team?
  • Dave Dumbrowski - He's traded away a lot of talent, but you must agree, we have a competitive team today.
  • Randy Smith - Faded from my memory, but hey, what was our second kid named, Debbie?
  • Bill DeWitt - Could be the best or the worst. Took the second division Tigers of the late '50's, brought in Frank Larry, Rocky Colovito (and maybe Norm Cash) to be competitive with the Yanks in the early '60's.
  • John McHale - Didn't he bring us a flag, too?

Before I officially post the ballots, any other candidates? (Of course, heated discussions are always welcome.)

1 comment:

  1. Schembechler, by far the worst. (Although he did inspire a Columbus punk band, the Dead Schembechlers.)